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We are committed to recognizing the insurance agency that has best adopted and leveraged tech to grow their sales, marketing, and customer service in 2018. This agency is an innovator, and the first ePayPolicy InsurTech Award winner. To learn more, visit: https://www.insurtechaward.com/.
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How much did {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} invest in software, services, or other, to grow the business the past 12 months? *

How much in annual premiums does {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} produce? *

Thanks! Next, some questions about your Sales and Marketing.

Does {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} utilize a CRM apart from it's management system? *

What CRM?

Briefly explain how technology fits into your strategy for inbound leads. *

List all the software and apps {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} uses to grow sales today. *

What marketing strategy have you used recently that required technology (software, services, apps) that provided the biggest ROI? *

List the Marketing software and apps {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} uses today to grow the business. *

How does social media fit into your marketing strategy today? *

Excellent! Just a few more questions about your Operations and your application will be complete.

What Renewals software does {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} use? *

What accounting software does {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} use? *

Do you store files in the cloud or on your own servers? *

Does your team utilize a workplace chat app? *

What need or opportunity would {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} like to address with technology? *

If nothing, write "none"
If you could invent a technology to address a need or opportunity in your office, what would it be and why? *

What does {{answer_JO7YuwCIuBVL}} do with technology that gives you a competitive advantage over competition in your area? *

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